Designing Elements Premium Graphic and Web Design

design is bringing an idea to life in a way that inspires others ... Lucy Blakemore


Designing Elements was formed in 2000 by Allison Boroch, who is the lead graphic artist. We specialize in taking an idea, developing a vision, and seeing it through all facets of the design process from concept to completion. All designers employed are educated in the fields of fine art, graphic design, photography and/or communications. Our web team has many years of experience developing web-based applications and sites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript as well as other applications as needed. We strive to stay on the cutting edge of technology, often seeking education in the latest technology before being asked to implement it.

Even though we are in South Orange County, we have served clients in all surrounding areas including San Diego and the greater Los Angeles area. We have also produced artwork for businesses in other states and abroad.

Most of our clients are referred to us by word-of-mouth. Our goal is not only to make the client happy with the final product but also to make it easy for them to participate in the process. As a result, our client retention rate is very high and we are often re-hired to maintain and update materials we originally created.